1. The right is granted for the burial or interment of ashes of only one person. Only single plots can be purchased, so doubles would count as 2 singles, unless a unique plot size is agreed with the owner. Plots purchased in advance are subject to an Interment Fee when Funeral takes place.

2. When the burial has taken place visitors to the grave will be permitted during the normal opening hours of the burial ground. Visitors to Crouch Valley Meadow will be welcome during daylight hours.

3. At the time of the burial the body shall be contained in a suitable container. Containers shall be made of bio-degradable material.

4. Bodies will not be embalmed or buried with any precious metals or stones, clothes and/or shroud should be bio-degradable.

5. Whenever practical, 48 hours notice should be given to the Owner of the requirement to dig a grave for each interment.

6. The Owner or a Funeral Director will organise the digging of the grave and any associated work.

7. If a right to plant a tree is purchased, the Owner will plant one tree within the burial grounds. Once the tree is planted, the Owner will use her reasonable endeavours to try to ensure the longevity of the tree, but the Owner does not offer any guarantee in this respect.

8. At the time of burial a fee (being that applicable at the time) shall be paid for interment & the services mentioned in paragraphs 6 and 7.

9. The Owner will not permit exhumation under any circumstances whatsoever except by direction of a court order.

10. No Seat, Bench (unless agreed and purchased via the owners authorisation); headstones, bed stones, edging, filling in materials, vases raised above ground level, birdbox, ornament or any other structure shall be placed on or around the grave or trees. Engraved memorial wooden plaques are permitted on approval by the owner & should be no larger than 300 x 200mm, these must be placed within 20cm of an approved memorial tree. The owner accepts no responsibility for any damage or the removal of any item placed at the Meadow. Flowers placed on the grave at the time of the burial shall be removed within 2 weeks, if necessary by the owner for a £50 fee. It is the responsibility of all visitors to remove their rubbish from Crouch Valley Meadow, the bin is for dead flowers only.

11. In the event that the original Certificate for Burial (green form) cannot be provided, the Owner reserves the right not to let a burial take place.

12. All refunds requested after 28 days from purchase are subject to a £100 administration charge. Refunds requested after 1 year are subject to £200 administration fee and a £100 per year maintenance and management fee.

13. Vehicular access is limited to the car park only.

14. The Owner reserves the right to remove and dispose of any object from the grave area other than those which have been approved.

15. Pets will only be allowed within the grounds of the burial site on leads.
These conditions may be varied by the Owner from time to time. The owner reserves the right to comply with the standards set out by any monitoring organisation.