Crouch Valley Meadow

Frequently Asked Questions

What do natural burials offer?

Today many people are looking for a more environmentally friendly method of burial.

Natural burial is the ideal choice for those of us who want our passing to bring some benefit to the environment and for those seeking somewhere more natural and beautiful to hold a funeral and remember a loved one. A natural burial ground is a beautiful place for family and friends to visit. Your legacy will be enjoyed by generations to come.

Set within acres of countryside, amidst the peace and tranquillity of trees, hedges and flowers, overlooking the River Crouch to the South and our neighbouring Vineyard to the North. Crouch Valley Meadow natural burial ground provides an alternative to a traditional cemetery or graveyard.

At Crouch valley Meadow we offer plots for burial and the interment or scattering of ashes, we offer an undisturbed permanent, final resting place of peace and tranquility.

Instead of traditional headstones, graves can be marked by planting a memorial tree and/or a simple wooden plaque. Eventually we will have created a unique, beautiful woodland and meadow; a place that will become a haven for flora and fauna.

How do I arrange a funeral at Crouch Valley meadow?

If you wish to organise a funeral yourself, you can contact us directly. You will find our contact details here.

We also work closely with Funeral Directors to ensure that the needs and wishes of the deceased, family and friends are met. Funeral Directors liaise directly with us to organise your funeral on your behalf. Although you are welcome to telephone us if you have further questions – details here.

Can people be buried next to each other?

Yes, adjacent plots can be purchased; we recommend this is done at the same time as availability at a later date cannot be guaranteed.

Can I plant a tree?

Yes, certain areas within the Meadow are available where a memorial native tree can be planted on graves at the appropriate time of the year. For sample tree details click here. Native wild flowers can also be planted on your grave.

How can I identify a grave?

Each grave is identified by a clay tile marked with a unique number. Ashes graves can be identified by a purchased electronic tag placed by the plot. We also allow wooden plaques on the graves, these will be allowed to biodegrade over time. Any other marker will be removed including any edging and corner posts.

Is the ground consecrated?

No, any faith can be buried here. Individual graves can be blessed at the time of burial.

What are the charges for those outside the area?

The charges are the same where ever you live.

Can flowers be left on the grave?

Yes, only cut flowers without ribbons or cellophane are allowed. Please do not tie cards or other memorabilia to trees. Funeral tributes should be removed 14 days after the burial. We ask you to keep these to a minimum and that they be kept as natural as possible. No vases, jars or containers can be left at the grave. At Christmas we allow natural wreaths.

Can ashes be buried or scattered?

Ashes can be buried loose or in a suitable urn. Ashes may also be scattered around the old Oak tree at the bottom of the Meadow.