Welcome to Crouch Valley Meadow


Those families who choose Crouch Valley Meadow are free to arrange the ceremony that is best suited to their own requirements of an appropriate funeral. We are able to offer all the help and advice required and have helped organise a range of ceremonies, all designed by the families as a tribute to their loved ones.

We can offer the service and support of local funeral directors if that is required. Where undertakers are selected by families, we will work seamlessly with them to assist with laying loved ones to rest.

Cremation or Burial

Where burial is chosen, it is usual for an appropriate service to be held at the graveside or your chosen place of worship/remembrance, followed by interment at Crouch Valley Meadow. The ceremony date and burial plot number is fully recorded in the Burial Register.

Where cremation is chosen, the service may be held at the Crematorium or at the graveside on exactly the same basis as for a burial. The ashes can be buried in a single or family plot or scattered at Crouch Valley Meadow Natural Burial Ground.

In every case, the adjacent plot/s can be reserved for the spouse or other family members.

Celebration of Life

No particular form of service is expected, the choice is left to the family. We respect people of all origins, faiths and beliefs. If required we can arrange for the officiator of your choice to take a service at Crouch Valley Meadow.

Memorial trees may be planted at the time of internment at the Meadow if in the planting season (November to March) or within one year of the service. A hardwood plaque can mark the grave and may be replaced when it biodegrades.

For information regarding barn hire and refreshments for the celebration of life of a loved one before and after the funeral – please phone Crouch Ridge Estate – 01621 450450 or visit our website via the link below.


Only cut flowers without cellophane are allowed on graves. All funeral tributes should be removed 14 days after the burial.